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The biggest problem for pizza businesses is not making pizza, but struggling to control the costs of their branches. Are you complaining about managing the costs and orders of your business even though you make delicious pizzas? We know how to solve this problem.

Smart Inventory Management for Pizza Shops and Chains

You will manage your pizza shops with smart inventory, organize your orders, and determine your daily consumption accurately. Also, with our cookbook system, you will ensure that all your branches work with the same recipe.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software determines the stock and order quantities of branches according to their budgets. It also prevents them from exceeding the stock levels you set. The smart menu method analyzes sales from your POS devices with current costs, selects the products with the best daily profit margins for you, or suggests removing items from your menu that are no longer in season or not worth stocking due to their cost. You prevent users from making mistakes.

Qapera is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, and innovative inventory management software that works with all POS devices and accounting systems. With corporate reporting, you can control your store's daily costs and ensure that it progresses more healthily.

Flexible Menu Ordering

Give your customers the chance to create their own pizzas. Allow your customers to choose their dough size, sauces, and pizza toppings.

Kitchen Display System

Send your orders directly to the kitchen. Orders are instantly displayed on the KDS, eliminating the risk of missed orders.

Add-ons and Combos

Try experimenting with your menu by creating special combo offers. Add drinks and suggestions to your pizza with just a few clicks and increase your sales.

CRM Integration

Manage customer data from a central CRM. Communicate with your customers by sending regular updates via email and SMS about your restaurant offers and events.

Delivery Module

Easily deliver your food to your customers. Keep your customers up to date on their order status via SMS and allow them to track their orders in real-time.

Mobile Reporting

View real-time updates of your business directly on your mobile phone. Keep track of total sales happening at your pizza sales point from anywhere. View exit level reports or compare the performance of multiple exits.

Website Ordering

Allow your customers to order food online directly from your website. All orders are sent directly to the POS. Customers can create profiles, save details, and view their order history.

Tablet Ordering

Give your customers the luxury of ordering pizzas from a tablet. Reduce order-taking labor and extend the overall Table Turnover time.



Qapera integrates with all your existing sales systems. Sales made through your POS, online, or mobile sales systems are integrated with relevant receipts and deducted from your inventory. In addition, all your purchasing invoices are integrated into your daily or monthly consumption in your accounting system and the relevant records are made.

Inventory Management

Strong inventory management provides complete control over your stocks. Manage the general inventory requirements and stock quantities from a single center. Determine your businesses' supplier and product prices. Track your daily consumption with detailed inventory reports. Ensure control over waste and consumption. Monitor the differences between theoretical and actual consumption in real-time.

Corporate Management

Maintain inventory consistency for all your pizza shops with the Corporate Module. Manage the requirements and inventory circulation of each store. Distribute products produced in your central kitchen to your stores. Share your product recipes determined in your center with your stores through our cookbook system, and view and analyze the reports of all your stores with detailed reporting assistance.