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Hotels and Resorts

Qapera is dedicated to helping hotels and resorts improve cost control and save money in their operations. That's why we offer software solutions specifically designed for this industry.

Our software is designed to make inventory purchasing and supply chain management more efficient and cost-effective. With its user-friendly interface, the software allows hotels and resorts to manage all aspects of their purchasing and supply chain operations from a single location. This means that businesses can track their inventory levels, place orders, and manage their inventory more effectively without having to use multiple systems or manually keep track of everything. This not only saves time, but also helps businesses make the most of their resources and avoid overspending.

Keep your budget on track

After entering your invoices into the system, you can receive real-time reports about your budget. This means that you can monitor your team's spending and instantly identify areas where you may have overspent. You can also customize and manage your reports by separating them into categories such as COGS (F+BWL), labor, consumables, and operating expenses, or you can view them cumulatively.