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Increase Your Sales with Ghost Kitchen Software

In this age where everything is becoming digital, you can lower your costs while increasing your orders quickly with the ghost kitchen system.

A ghost kitchen is a professional kitchen or restaurant that prepares food only for delivery. In other words, the packages are usually prepared for online orders, without the option to sit down and eat. It is also known as a cloud kitchen, shared kitchen, virtual restaurant, or virtual kitchen.

Your orders that come through online or applications are prepared in a shared kitchen in any city where you have made an agreement and delivered to your customers. The investment costs and general expenses of this kitchen, which you use in partnership with many businesses, are shared with other stakeholder businesses. This reduces your investment costs, rent, and personnel costs while keeping your revenue the same. This allows you to not only provide services to areas with branches but to all locations, and increase your profit margins.

Qapera enables you to manage your stock and purchase orders in a shared kitchen from a single center, integrated with all online or mobile sales applications.

How Can Ghost Kitchen Software Help Your Business?

Potential customers can order any meal they want from your ghost kitchen through their phones, tablets, or desktop computers. This order will appear in the ghost kitchen, where an employee will process and prepare it. Customers can view recipe details or check the status of their order through their electronic devices. Once the order is prepared, it is handed over to a courier for delivery to the customer.

At the end of the day, the inventory is updated. If there is any stock that has been depleted, it is replenished in time for the next day's opening. Sales made through the POS system or delivery application are checked and sent to your accounting system.

With the popularity of online ordering and food delivery applications increasing due to the pandemic, some restaurants have even shifted solely to the ghost kitchen model to reduce costs. However, as demand increases, online systems are starting to encounter problems such as system crashes.

As demand for food delivery services continues to grow, using the right ghost kitchen software can help you implement many new strategies. An inventory management application combined with a POS system can help you control your inventory count, update any deficiencies, and optimize the order process. The biggest advantage of working with Qapera is that our system can be integrated with all POS devices and accounting systems, providing maximum convenience.

To save time and money and to have a seamless ghost kitchen management system, consider using the right software solution.