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Facilities Producing Food

We provide solutions tailored to the needs of businesses that provide food service (catering-fast service restaurants) to help them increase their profit margins.

Qapera offers a comprehensive application by combining many different systems. For example, you can quickly and accurately perform your business's daily income and expense analysis with cost calculation methods. You can also perform inventory management and stock control at any time. You can even add alerts for the products you want. This way, nothing is ever missing from your inventory.

With the menu planning feature, you can calculate the amount of materials your business needs. The system provides recipe costs separately for each day. In addition, with the planning module, you can ensure that the daily menu cost of the company is below the daily sales prices.

The expense control feature ensures that orders are approved by the right people and stay within the budget. In addition, reordering is carried out according to actual sales and seasonal fluctuations. You can easily integrate your POS device and accounting system. Our application works seamlessly with all of them.