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Qapera has designed a food production management application that will increase the efficiency and save time and money for food production facilities.

Food Production Facilities

Food production management is the process of planning, coordinating, and controlling the production of food products in a production or processing facility. This process aims to optimize the operation of facilities and increase efficiency. It is a critical function that plays a key role in ensuring that food products are produced efficiently, safely, and to the highest quality standards.

For food production facilities, software that can provide real-time data and allow for instant control from a single location should be preferred. These software programs enable many different processes aimed at optimizing the operation of facilities and increasing efficiency. For example, Qapera allows for many different processes, such as the production process of products, material supply, and personnel management. In addition, our application can be easily integrated with any POS device and accounting system of your choice.

Qapera is a software that optimizes the operation of your facility and aims to increase the efficiency of your business. With this application, you can perform many processes such as production process of products, material supply, personnel management on a single device. The best thing about using this application is that it automates your operations, saving you time that you can use to develop new projects.

In summary, the selection of the most suitable software for facilities that produce food should be made according to their needs and compatible with their existing systems. Proper management of the food production process will help increase your profit margin.

Theoretical Food Usage Reporting

Loss and waste are expected in the kitchen. However, the magnitude of these losses should be kept under control. Qapera calculates the theoretical usage amounts of the products in your inventory according to the recipes and enables you to track waste and loss on a product basis. It helps you increase your profitability. In addition, it shows you the past data of the tracked products to help you understand the process and waste reasons of the product.

Train Your Staff with the Cookbook

Product recipes and instructions affect everything from profitability to staff training and even your business's brand. Qapera's recipe management calculates plate costs, puts recipe content and product visuals in the cookbook. Even if you have multiple locations, your entire team acts according to the same recipe and visual. The shared cookbook is important for providing the same taste in all your branches.

In-Depth Menu Analysis

Qapera's menu analysis feature allows you to see theoretical costs by looking at real-time content prices to detect profitable and high-volume items. It also gives you a report on which dishes contribute the most to profitability and which ones need to be removed from the menu. Menu engineering is a time-consuming and labor-intensive issue, so it is generally done once or twice a year and ignored. Menu engineering is the most important issue for the food industry, and now you can control it with a single touch at any time.