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Let your business run smoothly with our intelligent inventory solutions and reach your desired profit margin faster than you think.

Fast Food Software

A fast food menu can have a large number of different items. Managing inventory in a regular and smooth way is a challenging responsibility. Qapera understands your needs and helps you manage your business with the solutions it has developed for you.

With Recipe Management and Cook Book software, you can prepare products with the same taste and visual appeal in all your businesses. You can calculate the production costs of the products you produce in the central production facility and distribute them to all branches by adding daily shipments, personnel, operating costs, and profit margins. Additionally, you can share all the costs of the central facility with your branches and ensure profitability for the central production facility.

One of the best parts of the job is that you can do daily counts from your tablet or mobile phone without being at the PC. You can easily order the needs of the central production facility. Even your staff can quickly see the tasks assigned or taken from them. You can make supplier agreements for your branches and determine the supply for every product purchased by your branches from outside.

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence software determines the stock and order quantities of the branches according to their budgets. It also prevents them from exceeding the stock levels you set. The intelligent menu method analyzes the sales from your POS devices with updated costs and determines the products with the best profit margins for you daily or suggests removing products from your menu that are past their season and not worth stocking. You prevent users from making mistakes.

Qapera is a cloud-based, easy-to-use and innovative inventory management software that can work with all POS devices and accounting systems. You can ensure the healthier progress of your store by controlling its daily costs with corporate reporting.

We recommend fast food software to do all of these in a shorter time. Automate your stock management, prevent your team from making mistakes, and save time and money.