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We have developed software specifically for bars and pubs, so you no longer need to constantly monitor your alcohol inventory.

Bars and Pubs

With this application, you can easily access a list of all the products ordered, consumed, and stored in your alcohol inventory with just one click. You can dynamically set the sales prices of the alcohol you sell based on their cost. No business owner wants to tell their customers that the drink they want is unfortunately out of stock. We know you regularly check your inventory to avoid this situation. You can set up alerts on the application to receive automatic notifications when any product reaches its minimum level. Additionally, you can offer your customers the convenience of separate payment for food and drinks. Our system is also compatible with all POS devices and accounting systems, so you'll never have any issues in this regard.

If your data comes from multiple sources, all information is automatically updated in your CRM. You can also provide your customers with personalized campaigns and purchasing experiences. Of course, you can access hourly, daily, and monthly reports on your sales. These reports also include a detailed analysis of your employees' performance. You can obtain data such as the number of products sold by the staff who took the order, and their entry and exit times.