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Easily integrate PlusPay with Qapera and digitize your restaurant end-to-end.

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Qapera &
Plus Pay Integration

Simplify Your Payment Processes with Qapera and PlusPay Integration

Qapera, in collaboration with PlusPay’s innovative payment solutions, transforms the payment processes of businesses, particularly in the restaurant and food service industries, from start to finish. With PlusPay's POS+ and mPOS+ systems, businesses can execute payment transactions quickly, securely, and conveniently. Additionally, with BOSS+ and HUB+ solutions, businesses can monitor, analyze, and manage payment data in real-time. This integration not only enhances customer satisfaction but also improves business operations and provides better control over cash flow. Elevate your payment processes with Qapera and PlusPay!

Advantages of Qapera and PlusPay Integration

  1. Fast and Secure Payment Transactions: Payment processes become faster and more secure with PlusPay’s POS+ and mPOS+ solutions.
  2. Various Payment Options: Flexibility in accepting payments with different devices such as mPOS+ and POS+.
  3. Cash Flow Management: Immediate processing and tracking of payments ensure better control over cash flow.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Quick and seamless payment processes enhance customer satisfaction.
  5. Operational Efficiency: Managing all payment processes through a single platform increases operational efficiency.
  6. Real-Time Data and Analysis: With the HUB+ solution, payment data can be monitored and analyzed in real-time, supporting business decisions.
  7. Efficient Inventory Tracking: Inventory tracking and reporting processes become more efficient.
  8. Real-Time Data Flow: Integration with the BOSS+ management system automates order and inventory management processes.
  9. Automatic Invoice Processing: Automatic processing of supplier invoices simplifies financial management.

Qapera & PlusPay How to Integrate?

If you have a store in Qapera, you can access the information required for integration with the following steps.

Step 1: Obtain the token code from PlusPay.

Step 2: On the Qapera integrations page, select PlusPay and paste the copied token code.

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