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Genresman is designed to be an indispensable part of your business.
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Qapera &
Genresman Integration

Genresman Restaurant Manager

General Software, under the Genresman brand, has been operating exclusively under the Genresman brand since 2001. serves in the hospitality industry. Genresman, the pioneer of the sector developed with the contributions of valuable and experienced officials of organisations, rich has presented its content and advanced software to the service of the food and beverage industry.

The main target audience in this very wide sector is restaurants, cafes and patisseries, baklava shops, doner shops, steak house, social facilities, kiosks, school-hospital- canteens and kiosks, game halls, saunas, recreational facilities. The purpose of Genresman is to enable bosses and managers to enable them to manage their businesses easily. Your branches, in the country or abroad, you can access the information of your desired branch via your mobile phone. instantly from your phone, iPad, notebook, PC etc. devices, live report and allows them to receive graphics. It collects the information of all your branches in a single centre and allows management from a single point.

General Software, with the understanding of ‘Everything is Under Control’ to further accelerate the operation of your business as a return on investment, instant reporting, making effective decisions and making your business more efficient to bring your business under control as a result of this will help to make it favourable to be managed. We wish you productive work,

What does the Genresman & Qapera Integration offer?

The combination of Genresman and Qapera offers unique opportunities to improve the management and profitability of your business. Here’s what this partnership brings you:

  • Ease of Integration: With Genresman – Qapera integration, you can easily transfer important data such as sales products, extras and revenue categories. Thanks to this integration, you can perform inventory management of your business more efficiently.
  • Instant Inventory Tracking: Sales made in Genresman are automatically deducted from the stock products in Qapera inventory software. Thus, you can track the instant stock levels of your business and make quick decisions when necessary.
  • Cost Analysis and Comparison: You can see the cost of each product sold and compare it with revenue. In this way, you can monitor the cost ratio, profit and loss status of your business instantly, daily and monthly.
  • Loss/Leakage Analysis and Profitability Increase: Thanks to the integration, you can determine the difference between actual consumption and theoretical consumption, and determine the loss or leakage of your business on a product basis. This is an important step to increase the profitability of your business.
  • With the Qapera Centralized production module, you can produce in one center and then transfer products to all your branches. At the same time, you can easily and clearly manage and track the entire production process.
  • Product Mix Analysis: With theoretical usage reporting and product mix (PMIX) data, you can compare sales and usage amounts and perform menu analysis. This helps you develop your business’s sales strategies.
  • Ease of Management for Multi-Branch Businesses: With Genresman, you can easily manage the revenue enhancement strategies of your multi-branch businesses. In addition, with Qapera integration, you can centrally manage all inventory management processes such as stock, order, supplier contracts, waste & wastage management, counting, production & planning, consumption, so you get an end-to-end solution.

This integration allows you to manage management processes more effectively while increasing the efficiency of your business. The combination of Geresman and Qapera offers a powerful solution that will contribute to the success of your business.

Qapera & Genresman Integration Fee

Genresman & Qapera integration is free. Qapera users can use Genresmanı for 11,750 TL + VAT per year without any additional fee and benefit from Qapera integration.

How to Integrate Qapera & Genresman?

If you have a store in Qapera, you can access the information required for integration with the following steps.

Step 1: Contact Genresman and request integration with Qapera. Genresman will integrate your business with Qapera.

Step 2: Once the integration is complete, log in to your Qapera account and view all your sales products registered in Genresman from the menu products.

Step 3: Create the recipes for your products and the integration is now complete. Every product sold through Genresman is instantly deducted from your stocks and you can view instant profit & loss

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