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Don't you want to be one step ahead in your industry? With this application, satisfy your customers and become one of the leading names in the sector.

Price Quotation System

The main purpose of the application is to facilitate the sale of goods and services between suppliers and businesses. Suppliers using Qapera can update their prices, advertise, and share their product lists with companies. Thus, all of these businesses can automatically see instant price changes in their systems. You no longer need to constantly ask for price quotes, as you will see the supplier's current sales price instantly on Qapera.

For example, let's assume that you are a greengrocer in Antalya and you sell your produce to hotels here. All the products and prices you sell to hotels can be shared with all businesses using Qapera. Even hotels that are not on your customer list can see these products and prices. They can even place orders directly through the system if they wish.

Qapera is adjusted according to the inflation changes that are frequently experienced in the world. Therefore, businesses do not need to call their suppliers every week and ask for a price list. When sellers enter their products into the application, Qapera will automatically send their price changes as a weekly price quote to their businesses. Businesses will thus have received price quotes from multiple suppliers and will be able to purchase from the supplier with the highest score and the most reasonable price.

In short, suppliers can update sections such as product list, product images, price changes, shipping, and inventory information with a few clicks. Every new change made will be shared instantly with Qapera users. In addition to white label application, customization, and integration features, the application can also help suppliers interact better with their customers. By offering a branded application that provides value and convenience to users, businesses can build brand loyalty and strengthen customer relationships.


  • Instantly share product price quotes with customers
  • Ability to sort products and orders on a regular dashboard
  • Possibility to reach new customers
  • Ability to announce, promote, and advertise your campaigns
  • Ability to consolidate delivery dates and times
  • Ability to manage your inventory


  • View invoices and make mobile payments
  • Ability to receive price quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Manage your orders seamlessly
  • Keep all your transactions in digital records
  • Use on all devices
  • Ability to view supplier scores

The Price Quotation Application, which is quite advantageous for businesses, helps those who want to stand out in a crowded market. The application allows businesses to keep up with price changes in real-time...