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Save Money with Restaurant Waste Management

Manage your restaurant waste to reduce waste and control your expenses.

Restaurant Waste Software

Food waste is one of the biggest problems of our time. Restaurants send more food waste to landfills on a daily basis than any other material. Even untouched food is thrown directly into the trash can. Besides being a painful reality for humanity, this situation also means billions of dollars in potential profits are going to waste. However, you can reverse this situation and increase your profit margin for your business. Food costs can account for up to 35% of restaurant sales, so finding a solution to food waste can make a significant difference for your business.

Take Immediate Action with Waste Reports

Inventory tracking enables you to control your budget and expenses, and helps you determine which materials should or should not be ordered to reduce waste. All of these processes can provide you with financial data on how they are performing. In addition, you receive reports that keep you up-to-date on daily waste production. This allows you to take action to reduce waste and create strategies.

You also have real-time information on whether foods are stored inappropriately at any stage. This information will reduce the need for staff to discard still-useful food materials and use fresher ones.

Waste Reports allow you to analyze how your purchasing transactions are related to waste. When any waste is generated, you can quickly enter this information into the system from any device. By filtering reports by time intervals, location, category, or materials, you can develop more effective roadmaps for inventory management.

Waste management reduces food waste and controls expenses

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