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Managing all your office backend operations from a single platform will make your job easier and save you time.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Restaurant Management Software

With cloud-based restaurant management, your backend operations can progress smoothly.

Save time and money by managing everything from inventory counting to purchasing and reporting on a single device. By doing so, you can complete all your tasks more accurately and quickly.

With recipe cost management, you can filter for each dish on a restaurant's menu and create a price list for each ingredient. This way, the costs of each plate will be clear to you. Additionally, you have the luxury of checking the restaurant's stock at any time. With just one click from any device, you can access your stock list. If you know the inventory status in real-time, your stock will always be sufficient. If you notice a decrease, you can still use the application to have the relevant person create an order. You can develop new strategies to increase your profits by controlling budgets and tracking costs. You can make better analyses and smarter decisions based on sales, expenses, purchasing, and menu reports.

Restaurant Management Software

With Restaurant Management Software, your business life will be more comfortable than ever before. As the coordination system progresses systematically, human errors will be eliminated. With this software, you can manage everything from inventory counting to purchasing, procurement, and reporting in a stress-free way.

So, what can you do with this software?

  • You can count inventory at any time from any device. By knowing the inventory quantity in real-time, you can prevent situations such as waste and theft. Nobody wants to waste money. Prevent situations that will harm you with service providers like Qapera.

  • Also, with the recipe costing feature, you can create a detailed price breakdown for each dish on the menu.

  • Purchasing and Order Management With purchasing and order management, you can control the process and manage vendors. Additionally, you can control costs by monitoring budgets.

  • With reports, you can gain important insights. You can see what is harming you, which dish is profitable, the cost of sold items, and gross profit. With all the data, you can take the next step more solidly.

  • Now it's easy to store bills with the expense tracking feature. Take a photo of your invoice and upload it to the system. Don't miss the due dates for restaurant bills by automating payments.

  • List all the ingredients, portions, cooking instructions, and pictures required for your menu. You can create a digital cookbook that contains all the details. You can even print this cookbook if you wish.

  • Automate ordering from suppliers. Keep control of the process by setting the delivery day, due dates, order reminders, and purchasing limit.

Theoretical Food Usage Reporting

Loss, leakage, and waste in the kitchen are expected, but their magnitude should be kept under control. Qapera calculates the theoretical usage amounts of products in your inventory according to recipes, allowing you to track waste and loss on a product basis. It helps you increase your profitability and shows you past data of tracked products to understand the process and waste reasons.

Train Your Staff with the Digital Recipe Book

Product recipes and instructions, from profitability to staff training, and even your business's brand, all affect everything. Qapera's recipe management calculates plate costs, puts recipe contents and product visuals into the cookbook. Even if you have multiple locations, your entire team operates according to the same recipe and visuals. The shared recipe book is important for providing the same taste across all of your branches.

Delve Deep into Menu Analysis

Qapera's menu analysis feature allows you to see theoretical costs based on real-time content prices to identify profitable and high-volume items. It also gives you a report on which dishes contribute the most to profitability and which ones should be removed from the menu. Menu engineering is a time-consuming and laborious task, so it is usually done once or twice a year and overlooked. Menu engineering is the most important issue for the food industry, and now you can control it at the touch of a button.

Integrating with Your Existing POS and Accounting Software

Qapera integrates with all of your existing sales systems. Sales made through your POS, online or mobile sales systems are integrated with the relevant recipes, and sales are deducted from your inventory. Also, all of your purchase invoices and daily or monthly consumption records are integrated into your existing accounting system.

Don't try to keep up with everything. Leave the tiring and boring tasks to Qapera. Use the time you save for better projects. Focus on increasing the efficiency of your restaurant. Take restaurant management to the next level with cloud-based restaurant management.

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