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Central Stock Management for Businesses with Multiple Units and Chains

Manage your inventory and suppliers at an enterprise level with cloud-based inventory management.

Multiple Units and Chains

If you manage large-scale operations, you already know how difficult it is to keep up with everything. Fortunately, as technology develops, it becomes easier to create systems that don't cause problems. Qapera can be integrated with all of your cloud-based POS and accounting systems. We can integrate your chain branches with our API with the POS applications, accounting systems, and reporting applications you currently have.

Now you can quickly coordinate orders, transfers, suppliers, inventory, communication, and kitchen needs from a single platform.

  • Central Inventory Management: You can manage all of your brand’s branches and warehouses from a single center and track their inventory counts.
  • Central Supplier Management: You can determine the suppliers for all of your branches, get supplier price quotes, and fix prices.
  • Central Approval System: You can send purchase orders from all of your branches to the center for approval.
  • Central Recipe Management: You can link sales products in your stores to a single recipe. You can also ensure that all of your branches are linked to the recipe you specify.
  • Central Budget and Planning: You can set annual purchasing budgets for your stores and track them in real-time.
  • Central Production: You can start the production process according to the demands of your branches, ship products, and set different prices for each branch.
  • Authorization and Permissions: You can direct all users’ permissions as the center. Users cannot see the parts you designate.
  • Corporate Reporting: You can view and audit reports for all of your branches.

Reduce Margin of Error

You can minimize cost errors by viewing all purchases, order history, and invoices according to your location. This way, if transactions exceed your budget, you will be notified immediately. You can also ensure that the budget is being used correctly by approving or rejecting incorrect purchase orders before they are sent.

If you have a central production kitchen facility, you can integrate it with all other business locations. You can place orders between locations, track production events, manage deliveries, and track data. You can also authorize suppliers at a corporate level by controlling all pricing. You can even set up certain locations to order pre-approved products from selected vendors only.

Why waste time dealing with individual operations when you can manage all locations from a central location? We offer you a perfect system to keep everything organized, increase sales, and track profits. With Qapera, execute your organization flawlessly; save time and money.

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