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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Proper Inventory Management

Being a successful restaurant owner requires proper inventory management. That's the difference between a good restaurant and a great one.

Inventory Management

Keeping track of what's sold, what's running low, and what's overstocked in your restaurant is crucial. If you don't track everything that goes in and out of your restaurant in real-time, your budget could go to waste.

Using traditional methods like pen and paper for inventory control isn't a reliable way to manage your inventory. There could always be some missing or incorrect information. In these competitive times, if you don't want to fall behind your competitors, you need online tools that save you time and money. That's where Qapera comes in. It offers you an application that includes all of these features. With its cloud-based system, you can control your inventory from any device at any time. You can access real-time details such as which products have been wasted, which ones have been stolen, and how much inventory you have.

We understand the difficulty of counting

We understand how difficult it is to count all of your warehouses in the middle of the night, and it's even more difficult if you write this on a blank piece of paper and then enter it into your system. Qapera is a cloud-based inventory management software that works with all devices. You can count your inventory with your mobile device or tablet, notice shortages during the counting process, and investigate lost products on site. If you've completed all of your purchases, transfers, and losses, your cost report will be completed at the moment you finish counting, and you'll have prepared your cost report with a single report. We allow restaurants to organize their inventories in the way that suits them best. When you want to review a product, you can view all past purchase, counting, and transfer histories related to that product and leave digital counting notes about the product. When you finish counting, we add this report to your dashboard, and you can view all of your past reports anytime you want.

Qapera knows that the work is tough but valuable, so we focused on designing the best solution for our users' biggest challenge.

Theoretical Food Usage Reporting

Lost and wasted products in the kitchen are expected, but the magnitude of these losses must be kept under control. Qapera calculates the theoretical usage amount of the products in your inventory according to recipes, allowing you to track waste and losses on a product-by-product basis. It helps you increase your profitability. Additionally, it shows you the past data of tracked products, enabling you to understand the process and causes of waste.