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Food Cost Application for Restaurants

Analyzing food costs makes it easier to manage restaurant expenses and achieve success.

Food Cost

Food expenses constitute the biggest expense item for a restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately track your food and beverage expenses every month. Otherwise, saving money will be a bit difficult. If you don't know your food costs, how will you develop a strategy to sustain profitability?

So, are we going to take a pen and write each item in a notebook to calculate food costs? No, of course not! With the Food Cost Application, you can quickly understand which menu items are profitable and which ones are causing you losses. Based on this result, you can improve your menu. During this process, the prices of some ingredients may rise significantly; then you can contact suppliers again, change ingredients, or even cancel the menu. The solution you will create depends on the improvement plan you will create.

How to Calculate Food Costs?

You can analyze your food costs by looking at the percentage of total food costs. This is calculated by dividing the cost of goods sold for a certain period by the total sales. A food cost application like Qepara automates your process, saves you time, and ensures accurate calculations. With these tools, you can analyze the data in detail according to content level.

You need to spend hours manually entering information once. If you automate these processes, your staff can focus on their work. Even if humans are careful, they can make mistakes. Eliminate human errors by using technology and obtain accurate analyses. The application provides reports that provide important insights by analyzing many sections from the most profitable products to the inventory list. It uses real-time data while doing all of these. In other words, the information you enter into the system is automatically updated throughout the application.