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Cookbook Software for Restaurants

Creating, storing, and organizing recipes based on both your business needs and your customers' demands has never been easier with Qapera.

Cookbook Software

Hungry customers enjoying your delicious meals don't know what's happening behind the doors in the kitchen. Every dish goes through a long process before it arrives on the table. This can sometimes be challenging and confusing for businesses. That's why we've developed the Cookbook Software to determine details such as purchasing, inventory, and food costs. We want to help you create a menu that will not only make your customers happy but also won't affect your profit margin.

With this application, you can easily store all your recipes. You can also organize them in any way you like with its user-friendly design. You can share any recipe you want with others on any device. If necessary, you can add allergen warnings or specify if it's suitable for vegan diets under the shared recipe. Any changes made by your chef will be automatically reflected in the system, so your staff will be informed of all updates without any extra effort.

Let's say you've loved the collection of recipes you've prepared and wished you had them printed out. With the printing option, this wish can easily come true.

Plan Your Menu Quickly and Accurately

Cookbook Software helps you plan your menu correctly, giving you better insights into your restaurant's costs. You can see all the details, such as which items have the highest gross profit, which items need adjustment, and which items need to be removed from the menu. You can access this information in real-time, which would normally take hours to gather.

In addition to all these effective features, the application warns you when your food costs exceed the set threshold. It keeps track of prices over time and ensures that there are no unexpected price changes in your ingredients. This way, you don't have to constantly check the price of each component during inventory shortages.

So, do you want to save time and money in your restaurant operations too?

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