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Qapera is designed to help you manage your business easily from the field. Meet Qapera and save time by not being tied to your desk.


We Designed a Realistic Restaurant Management Solution

We know what restaurant employees need. Counting inventory in the warehouse at midnight is not a pleasant task, but it is an important responsibility to perform properly. If you don't enjoy taking inventory, don't worry. That's why we designed Qapera to make it easier for users and to make the job valuable.

We are Integrated With Your Payment and Accounting Infrastructure!

Qapera integrates seamlessly with your existing POS and Accounting software without any cost. Ek maliyet çıkarmaz.

Next Generation Inventory Management Software for Restaurants

Cloud Based Inventory Software

Inventory management of your restaurant on your PC, tablet or mobile device

Instant Reporting

Your inventory and order reports are just a click away

Fast and Comprehensive Integration

Integrated with your existing POS, accounting and other software

Fast Support

Our customer support team is there whenever you need us

High Data Security

Your data is safe in our encrypted services.

A Single Solution for Your Needs with Next Generation Inventory Management

Stock Tracking

Track and manage your stock effortlessly

Order Management

Track and manage your orders effortlessly


Effortlessly track and manage your procurement


Track and manage your transfers effortlessly

Menu Profitability

Effortlessly track and manage your profitability

Inventory Counting

Track and manage your inventories effortlessly

Waste Fire

Effortlessly track and manage your waste

Production Planning

Effortlessly track and manage your productions

Inventory Management Software for All Food Businesses

In your inventory and stock tracking processes regardless of your business type Start digitizing now with Qapera's powerful software. Realize your inventory management and profitability goals.

Restaurant Software

Let your back-end business run smoothly with cloud-based Inventory Management Software. Take your technology to the next level with API integrated with your software.

Ghost & Central Kitchen

You can realize your digitalization journey with us by using our technology in your Ghost and Central kitchen businesses.

Hotels and Resorts

With our Cost Control and Inventory tracking features, you can make your business more profitable and operationally efficient.

Production Facilities

We are at your side with our cloud-based technology while digitalizing the inventory, idle and financial control processes of your production facilities.

Food Service & Catering

We enable you to take control from production to distribution with many technological solutions for your needs.

Stadiums and Arenas

We also digitize the inventory management processes of restaurants and cafes that provide catering services in stadiums and arenas.

Coffee Establishments

Take cost control and profitability to the next level while digitalizing inventory and stock tracking processes in your coffee businesses.

Pizza Shops

With Qapera's end-to-end inventory management solutions, you can achieve more profitable and efficient business performance.

Fast Service Software

Achieve your profitability goals while perfecting service operations with our Smart Inventory Management solutions.

Bar & Pub

Keep the stocks of alcohol etc. in your bars and pubs under control effortlessly at any time, digitalise your stock management..

Start Using Qapera Now with Instant Installation!

Meet Qapera and start digitalizing now!