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Whether you are an employer or an employee, you spend long hours and tons of money to find the right answer to a problem. You also find yourself feeling dissatisfied and exhausted after random research. However, in today's internet age, it is possible to access information faster and easier than ever before with the right methods.

You can understand your company's strengths and areas that need improvement with effective tools. Your analyses will show you how to fill in the gaps in your company. This way, you can establish a constantly advancing structure. But how?

As Qapera, we want to provide solutions to our customers' problems. We have been in this industry since 2004. Our mission, based on our experience, is to:

  • We aim to strengthen the prosperity of companies in the industry and remove the obstacles that hinder their progress.
  • We develop intuitive web, mobile, and cloud solutions that produce more money, time, and trust for approximately 50 million people. We help consumers, business owners, and employees to do the right job with data science, machine learning, and powerful automation systems.
  • We value past experiences and create stronger systems of the future.
  • To access the right information quickly, we establish partnerships with companies contributing to this industry.
  • We constantly renew ourselves and try to show our customers the formula for the right job.
  • We want to take steps that can make a difference in our industry with our products.

We are aware that we will be as successful as our customers are successful. We also do not believe in the impossible because our culture and entrepreneurial spirit have shown that we have the power to shape the future.
Let's shape the future together while taking your brand to a better place.
We believe we can find a middle ground to work together.


We Listen, Understand, Serve
To understand your needs and provide solutions tailored to your business, we listen to you first. Your success is our success.

Trust and Respect
Respect and trust are important in our relationships.

Open to Development and Innovation
We keep up with the latest developments in the world and update our services accordingly.

Health and Well-Being
We value our employees and provide them with a healthy and safe working environment.

Continuous Support
We are always there for our customers, providing 24/7 support.

Experience and Youth
We work with experienced personnel and train young people to enter the industry.