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Who Do We Serve

Restaurant Software

Let your back-end business run smoothly with Cloud-Based Restaurant Management. Save time and money.

Hotels and Resorts

Qapera is dedicated to helping hotels and resorts improve their cost control and save money in their operations.

Ghost & Central Kitchen

In this age of digitalization, you can increase your orders quickly while keeping your costs low with the ghost kitchen system.

Production Facilities

Qapera has designed a food production management application that will increase the efficiency of food production facilities and save time and money.

Food Service / Catering

For caterers (cathering - quick service restaurants), we help them increase their profit margins with solutions tailored to their needs.

Stadiums and Arenas

Catering businesses in stadiums and arenas can double their sales with a fast and reliable system.

Cafe / Coffee Shops

Do you like your coffee strong or with milk? Let us please you while you make your customers happy with delicious coffee varieties.

Pizza Shops

It allows you to serve with all the features and innovations needed for pizza businesses.

Fast Service Software

With our smart inventory solutions, keep your business running smoothly and reach your desired profit margins faster than you ever thought possible.

Bars / Pub

You don't need to constantly check the alcohol stock anymore because everything is now much easier with our software for bars and pubs.