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Restaurant Management Software

Managing all your office background work from a single platform will make your work easier and save you time.

Inventory Management

Being a successful restaurant owner requires proper inventory management. This is the difference between a good restaurant and a great restaurant.

Purchase and Order Management

With Qapera, managing a restaurant is now easy. Let your business run smoothly without worrying about management processes.

Expense Tracking

It's easy to get lost in bills every month, but we have good news for you. Categorize all invoices, archive them and automate payments.

Multiple Units and Chains

Manage your stock and suppliers at enterprise level with cloud-based stock and inventory management.

Cookbook Software

Creating, storing and organizing recipes according to the needs of your business and the demands of your customers is now easy with Qapera.

Fixed Asset Management

By assigning all assets an ID, such as a barcode or RFID number, you can find what you need much faster.

Food Cost

Analyzing food costs makes it easier to manage your restaurant spend and achieve success.

Recipe Management

Effortlessly manage your prescriptions with Qapera.

Restaurant Wastes

Reduce waste and control your expenses with restaurant waste management.